Maximum OEE

  • Fast product changes
  • Easy to clean
  • QuickFeed: interchangeable product feeding system
  • Reproducible format parameters
  • Run-in times reduced to almost zero
  • Downtime and unit packaging costs restricted to a minimum
  • OEE audits

Turnkey Monobloc Design

  • Integrated turnkey concept
  • Compact design with GMP compliant balcony architecture
  • Positive blister transfer principle
  • Prepared for spatial separation of the primary and secondary packaging


  • Automated processes with no manual adjustments
  • Separate servo drives for individual functions
  • QuickAdjust: automatic station control system
  • In-process control (IPC) without stopping the machine
  • First filling of the transfer magazine can be automated
  • Positive carton opening system

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Maximum OEE

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